Dropshipping flow image. This ishow dropshippers operate. In my respects a dropshipper is just a commission only sales agent or retailer for your products.


The key to any dropshipping model is a successful seller-supplier relationship. Suppliers approach us to sell their products and services online. We identify the possible channels to market and then make it happen


Once an order comes in for your product, we forward it to you, integrating where possible into your existing order processing systems.


Dropshipping is a Sales AND fulfilment model. At the end of the day, it’s still on us, the seller, to attract customers to our store and drive sales through effective marketing, a functional and intuitive storefront, SEO optimization and strong customer service.


You will handle the order fulfilment, including packing and shipping. Be sure to send us the tracking numbers so that we can give to our customers - then they can track their packages.

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made in britain - we are are a british company with real offices and an stablished business

The Key Ingredients to our dropshipping service:

To drive orders for your products on our store we use:

YouTube SEO & Advertising - We create very simple videos which in a straight forward way give the key benefits of your products. Video can do this so much more effectively than other channels


Social Media Advertising Campaigns - Key to generating social proof for a product are the comments and reviews of it's customers. Those engaged in social media also spread the word when they have found something good.

Content Marketing - Some of the time, prospects need to be brought to the top of the sales funnel in a way which invites them to engage gently with a new product or unfamiliar brand. Content marketing is great for this. Through content marketing we enable prospects to see their need before they are presented with a product.




Email - With access to Millions of GDPR compliant email records through our affiliates. Email is still the place to go for an instant surge in order levels. We also use inbox marketing on Gmail and other web mail platforms.

Amazon - We work with you to drive customers to your prime & non-prime amazon listings through the Amazon Affiliate scheme. Giving our customers the option of a direct delivery or prime delivery is an important choice which affects conversion. 

ebay - A strong marketing presence on ebay helps us to promote your products and for most clients our effective use of ebay delivers results.



Google Adwords - Google's enormously successful pay-per-click (PPC) advertising system – can work for almost any type of business. Using AdWords (or any PPC platform) requires time and money, but thousands of businesses have found that it's time and money well spent, because AdWords delivers measurable ROI


On top of these essential ingredients to our marketing campaigns we work with Affiliates and other trusted dropshippers to build a stead stream of sales for your products.

BONUS: For your peace of mind and the wellbeing of our customer relationships:


  • We operate outstanding customer complaint processes and communications

  • Any chargebacks are at our cost

  • We manage customer satisfaction

  • We create Product Advocates; customers who are happy to spread the word.

Just one relationship for you, leading to hundreds or thousands of profitable sales. 

Our customer guarantee: If we fail to uphold the ethical values of our company in any way with any customer, we guarantee that we will make a full refund of the order value to that customer including their postage & packaging costs.


The Slice was largely responsible for the growth of my company, when we started trading with The Slice we had only 18 members of staff, by the time I sold my company 6 years later we had over 200 and the profits to match. This and the multi-million pound exit I obtained wouldn’t have been possible without the innovative and effective marketing services of The Slice.

Laurie Tomei,

Former CEO of Regency Mortgage Corporation

Our customer guarantee: If we fail to uphold the ethical values of our company in any way with any customer we guarantee that we will make a full refund of the order value to that customer including their postage & packaging costs.

It takes us a lot of hard work to bring on board new products to dropship. We are therefore very very choosy about which products we work with. Your passion is essential to our belief

So... before we go any further would like to hear more about you... please tell us more about your lead product/service. This should be the single most important product/service of your business. 

This lead product should in theory be the one you are most passionate about, the one that has USPs to die for.

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