Buyer benefits


No Stamp Duty

Equity Slices with a value below £40,000 carry no stamp duty on purchase.


Fixed return

Equity Slices typically come with a index linked coupon (i.e. 4% per annum linked to the Index of Private Housing Rental Prices, UK).


No deductions

Coupons or rent percentages are typically offered with no deductions for repairs and/or missed rent periods.


Equity Guarantee

In the event of a outright property sale your equity is guaranteed to be returned at no less than your investment value.


Good market liquidity

Because this is property we can help you to resell your Equity Slice very quickly at Market Value at any time.


Spread risk

Spread your portfolio across dozens if not hundreds of properties. Commercial, Residential and Buy to Let for a diversified property portfolio.


Low acquisition cost

Typically costs of acquisition are less than 3% (equivalent to the minimum stamp duty you have saved)


Robust Payment Protection

Your investment is protected against missed coupon payments from the outset.

Equity Slices are not part of a regulated product category. However, you should take independent financial advice where an Equity Slice is to be used in conjunction with Pension, Investment or Tax Planning of any kind.