Buy To Let Property



Equity Slices can be sold without incurring a Capital Gains Tax liability.


Full Control

The principle owner retains full control of the property. Nobody else gets a say in who occupies it.



Each new Equity Slice can be Sold, Gifted or made ready to be included in your will. Whenever you want.


Above Market Value

Through our auction process we can get sales prices disproportionally greater than the market value of the property.


Mortgage alternative

Consider using Equity Slices instead of a mortgage to finance your property ownership.


Equity Release for 55+

A potentially better alternative to financial products such as Home Reversion Schemes & Lifetime Mortgages. Plus you can release equity at any age for any purpose.


Income Alternative

Every year release an Equity Slice for sale. Simply choose how much money you need.


Urgent Expenses

A cheap and relatively quick way to raise cash for urgent needs


Tidy your affairs

Divide up you property assets and gift them to your family & beneficiaries whilst you are alive.


Inheritance Tax Planning

Gift Equity Slices more than 7 years before you die for great IHT planning.


Charity Donations

At any time you may donate an Equity Slice to charity, tax free.


Transfer personal property into a company.

The environment for personal BTL ownership is poor in the UK. Use Equity Slices to transition property with low or no C.G.T liability into a property company each year.


Get Help to purchase BTL properties.

This is one way to increase your BTL portfolio. Pre-agree the sale of Equity Slices in upcoming BTL purchases.


Increased cashflow

With no repayment schedule, replacing a mortgage with sales of Equity Slices can substantially increase your cashflow from a leased property.


Tenant Purchase Option

This is an easy straight forward method to allow your existing or even past tenants to have an interest in the property. In itself it conveys no rights to occupancy but they might like it anyway.


Buy Back Option

At all times the principle owner has the option to buy back the equity slices at current market value subject to the provision that the investor gets their initial investment back in full.

Equity Slices are not part of a regulated product category. However, you should take independent financial advice where an Equity Slice is to be used in conjunction with Pension, Investment or Tax Planning of any kind.

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