Build the career you want. Self promotion and growth of your network will enable you to get ahead of your competitors. Strangely enough it's not what you do at your current job that has the biggest effect on your career. It's all about the moves you make. Your job is about learning and performing to your best - that is where you will grow your knowledge and confidence. However, putting yourself in a good position for the right move into the right company or the right industry will have a much greater effect on your earnings and sucess.


Want a 4 hour working week? or want to head up a multinational. No problem, we'll work on your 5 year career plan and then help you to achieve it.


We will:

  • Increase your LinkedIn connections by 100-200 useful connections a month - people that you might want to work for/with one day.
  • Set-up a phone exploration discussion with at least one potential employer each month - They will be trying to sell you their opportunity not the other way around - This will give you a lot of interview experience and build a network of employers who will be ready to swoop when you are ready to move.
  • Show you how to use these opportunities (in a non-threatening way) to get payrises at your existing place of work.
  • Recommend LinkedIn groups for you to join and prepare a draft posting for each of these groups.
  • Ongoing posts in relevant groups will build your profile and reputation.


Once a year we can go into "new job mode" and find you interviews and fundamentally assist you to get job offers.

Career Builder on LinkedIn